April Fool

2 April 2008 — Leave a comment

One of the many clubs we run is called Launch Pad, a free breakfast club for primary aged kids on the local estate. Although I manage the workers who run the club, I only normally attend on a Tuesday morning and have breakfast with the kids.

Yesterday was April Fools’ Day, something that I don’t normally think too much about or participate in (because I always forget to do anything)! Having been away for a few days I came back from Egypt to an invitation through my door. It was to “all” the volunteers at the club telling them that this week is a superhero special and that everyone must come dressed in their favourite superhero costume. By going in on Tuesday, essentially this meant that I would be dressing up as a superhero on the 1st April.

The sad thing is that I almost fell for it! It was by sheer coincidence that I looked in my diary to check about a meeting I was having and noticed the date. I then re-read the invitation and started to get a bit suspicious. The team know I love superheroes and why would they be dressing up every day for a week?

Thankfully, I didn’t dress up. But I did get load of people asking me all day if I’d fallen for it. Obviously a lot of people were in on the joke. I’m really pleased though that the team have enough disrespect for me to try and stitch me up. Next year I’ll have to get in there first! 😉


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