Drama: The Shepherd’s Hope

22 November 2010 — Leave a comment

Photo: 'The Shepherd' by a4gpa on Flickr

The following is a short drama I wrote a few years ago for a Christmas production at church. It’s obviously very brief and quite light-hearted. The intention was to explore the idea of Jesus bringing hope to people who felt hope-less.

Feel free to use and adapt this as necessary for your needs. Just link back here please!

The Shepherds Hope
The three shepherds are sitting around a fire in the centre of the stage facing the audience. A conversation arises between shepherds 1 and 2. Shepherd 3 is mostly ignored by the others for his irrelevant comments.

Shepherd 1: I hope it doesn’t get much darker! We won’t be able to see the sheep very well.
Shepherd 2: I hope it doesn’t rain! This is a new fleece and I don’t want to get it wet.
Shepherd 3: I hope it doesn’t get any colder! I won’t be able to pick my nose if my bogies freeze!
Shepherd 1: What are we doing out here anyway? I know we’re looking after the sheep – it’s our job, but why hasn’t anything changed? God promised us he would rescue his people and instead we’ve had nothing but bad kings for hundreds of years!
Shepherd 2: Yeah, and now we’ve got the Romans bossing us around too! Things are going from bad to worse. It’s all a bit hope-LESS.
Shepherd 3: [holding up an empty bag] Yeah, AND I stubbed my toe earlier and now it’s gone all black! [Other shepherds turn away in disgust]
Shepherd 1: Did you ever read all the stuff in the scriptures about the Saviour that God is sending? Micah actually wrote that he would be born here! In Bethlehem of all places!
Shepherd 2: I can’t really believe that now. There’s nothing here! No Saviour, no Royal family, NO HOPE!
Shepherd 3: [Pause] But there IS a great little restaurant round the corner that serves excellent lamb kebabs!
The shepherd is interrupted by a bright light shone from the back.
Shepherd 1: What’s that?
Shepherd 2: I can’t see!
Shepherd 3: Is it morning already?
The voice of an angel calls out over microphone:
Angel: Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.
The light goes out
Shepherd 1: [excited] A saviour!
Shepherd 2: Finally!
Shepherd 3: [confused] What’s he doing lying in a feeding tray?
The shepherds start gathering up their things as they speak
Shepherd 1: We’ve got to go and find him. This is the one that God promised would save us all! I can’t believe this is happening!
Shepherd 2: THERE IS HOPE! God hasn’t forgotten about us!
Shepherd 3: But what about the sheep?
Shepherd 1: Don’t worry about that! I hope we can find him! We need to get the right stable. [walks off stage]
Shepherd 2: I hope he’s awake! I want to get a look at him. [walks off stage]
Shepherd 3: I hope we can go past the kebab shop! [walks off stage]


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