Drip, Drip, Splash!

22 January 2008 — 1 Comment

'Splash' by Vitor Guerson on Flickr

This is a fun adaptation of the familiar children’s game ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ that makes it slightly more interesting!

Numbers: groups of around 6 or over.
Suitable for: older children and younger teens (8-14’s) but some older teens might enjoy it too!
Preparation time: none
Venue: suitable for a small hall or especially outside due to the water
Safety First: watch out for water on the floor when people are running around. Non-slippery surfaces are advised.
Equipment needed:

  • A disposable cup (or two)
  • A supply of water
  • Some towels

Get the group to sit on the floor in a circle, facing inwards. One person is ‘it’ and is given a cup full of water. They must then walk round the outside of the circle, stopping at everyone sitting on the floor to ‘drip’ water on them by dipping their hand into the cup and flicking a small amount of water at them. At the same time, they must say the word ‘Drip’.

In this way, they will continue round the circle repeatedly going ‘drip’, ‘drip’, ‘drip’ until they decide to pick on one individual. At this point, they must tip the remainder of the cup over that person’s head and say ‘Splash’. The person splashed must jump up and chase them around the circle trying to beat them back to their space on the floor.

If they are caught, they must stay ‘it’ for another turn. If they manage to sit back down before being caught, then the person who was splashed becomes ‘it’ instead and the game starts again. Obviously, the longer the game goes on the more wet everything and everyone becomes.


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  1. Just make sure your shoes are done up properly other wise you wipe out like I did!

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