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Whenever we have a team meeting for the church youth group, I constantly have to remind the leaders to focus their attention. This is somewhat difficult to achieve as there is around 18 leaders each week, all of whom want to socialise while I’m desperately trying to ascertain exactly which young person broke the light fitting.

When I thought about this, I realised that perhaps more than anyone else, I’m the one who needs to focus a little bit more. Now I could give many examples, but take this blog for instance, it’s never really had a purpose other than it was there, so I did it. If you look back through the posts on this site, there is no coherant theme or over-arching principle to the topics, just random ramblings!

After playing around with the website settings for most of this weekend I’ve decided that I need to give this site a mission or a reason for being, so I’m announcing my intention to start writing about that which I know well: Youthwork. Of course there’ll be other things thrown in here too; life, love and laundry, but hopefully I’ll start to offer some reflection and insight into the practical work that I do with young people and my own development within that. Of course, my focus may well wander at times so feel free to comment-away asking awkward questions regarding youthwork practice and theory to get me back on track. Or as I do with the youth group leaders… shout at them!


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I am a qualified youth worker, writer and consultant based in Littlehampton, UK. I've worked in the voluntary youth sector for over 12 years, am married to Kirsty and we have two daughters named Hope and Eloise. Check out 'Journeying Together: Growing Youth Work and Youth Workers in Local Communities' and read my opening chapter.

5 responses to Focus

  1. Woo…I finally get to shout at Jon 😀

  2. Woo…I finally get to shout at Jon 😀

  3. Good luck my friend 🙂

  4. Good luck my friend 🙂

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