Kids Company Christmas

9 December 2011 — 1 Comment

You many have heard of the Kids Company, a charity proving support for vulnerable children in inner city London. I was asked to post about their upcoming Christmas Party which you can hear about in the short video below.

Kids Company help over 17,000 vulnerable children and young people in and around London, and this year, as always, they are hosting a Christmas Day party for thousands of kids who might otherwise spend the holiday alone.  On the day, dedicated volunteers will cook a feast for 3,500 kids at the party, and will create food packages for 4,000 others.

This is a huge task and they are dependant on raising money to make the event possible. As a result they’ve created a Facebook app that allows people to make small donations to the party in the form of virtual gifts, from party hats to Brussels sprouts to a star for the tree. Why not take a look and buy a gift for the party:


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