Mini Volleyball

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This is a silly adaptation of the classic volleyball game except players must remain on their knees at all times!

Numbers: groups of around 10 or over (2 teams of equal numbers are needed).
Suitable for: ages 7 and up!
Preparation time: under 5 minutes.
Venue: large room or small hall.
Safety First: As participants are all sitting on the floor, the only risk is from over-enthusiastic individuals waving their arms around too much. Try and encourage the team to spread out and cover the court between them to avoid injury.
Equipment needed:

  • An Inflatable Beach Ball
  • Tape, cones, or some other way of marking the court
  • An optional net set-up across the court

The game:
Set up the court by marking out two equal sized squares divided by a central line. If you have a tennis or badminton court already marked out, that is the perfect size. If you have a net, set it up between the two squares. If you don’t have a net, clearly mark a line of tape down the centre between the two.

Organise the group into two teams and have them spread out across their side of the court. The more people you have on a team, the more silly the game becomes as everyone tries to get a touch on the ball! Have every team member kneel down on the floor and explain that they are not allowed to get up. That means no running, jumping or diving – everyone must remain with their knees on the floor at all times!

You then play volleyball! The obvious aim is to get the ball to touch the floor on the opposition’s side. Every time this happens, the team gains a point. A point is also given if the opposition team knock the ball out of the court (just like in tennis).

To start, throw the beach ball onto the court and watch as the team passes it around and tries to knock it over to their opponent’s side. With large groups it is best to allow them as many touches on the ball as they want rather than the usual three-per-team. You can play until a certain score is reached, or until a given time limit is up. The winning team is the one with the most points.

Adaptation: To make it even more difficult, you can get the teams to sit on their bottoms instead of kneeling!


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