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7 September 2010 — 1 Comment

'Time for change' by David Reece on Flickr

I’ve been running this website as a personal blog for 6 and a half years now. Over that time I’ve moved the hosting package a couple of times, changed the theme design on a regular basis, and focused my writing on the subject of youth work.

The readership and community has grown significantly during the last 2 years with nearly 200 subscribed via rss, around 30 via email, at least 50 unique visitors to the site daily, and over 40 ‘fans’ on Facebook. It’s become clear that the content and discussion is generating some wider interest.

To that end, I am wondering if the time has come to rebrand the site and give it a new name. With a growing audience, it seems a bit arrogant to have the whole thing named after me (I’m not a pop star after all)! Also, I’ve started to think that doesn’t really reflect the nature of the website either.

So here’s the deal: do you think I should change the name of this website to better reflect the content I write about?

Please vote in the poll below and add any thoughts in the comments. I’ll announce the result in a future post (those reading via rss, the poll is here).


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I am a qualified youth worker, writer and consultant based in Littlehampton, UK. I've worked in the voluntary youth sector for over 12 years, am married to Kirsty and we have two daughters named Hope and Eloise. Check out 'Journeying Together: Growing Youth Work and Youth Workers in Local Communities' and read my opening chapter.

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