Paper Snowball Fight

12 December 2009 — 2 Comments

Paper Balls
Regular reader Ralf wrote in with this game. It’s a very simple paper snowball fight that’s a lot of fun!

Numbers: 10 and over, enough for two equal teams
Suitable for: Any age
Preparation time: None!
Venue: Large room or hall
Safety First: As you will be throwing paper around the room, watch out for faces!
Equipment needed:

  • Lots of scrap paper
  • Optional tape
  • Optional Buckets

The game:
Ralf explains:

We have two teams in a bigger room, separated by a line. Every team gets a number of crumpled up paper balls (5 per person or so…) and has to throw it over the line into the field of the other team. The other team has to clear up their field and throw it back. You can play a song or just measure the time [e.g. 2 minutes]. When the song or the time is over, you count the remaining paper balls in every teams field.

Try giving each team a bucket and tell them to aim for the one on the opposite side of the room. At the end of the game, the team that gets the most snowballs in the bucket is the winner.

Photo Credit: net_efekt on Flickr


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2 responses to Paper Snowball Fight

  1. love this game, so easy and the young people always really enjoy it!

  2. love this game, so easy and the young people always really enjoy it!

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