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3 March 2011 — Leave a comment

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I’m sorry about the low amount of posts recently. I’m desperately trying to ensure I put at least one thing up here a week to keep some level of continuity. Part of the reason I’ve not had time to post is due to getting my head around the operational procedures of the church here. A big portion of this is reviewing and updating various policies, and hence, the reason for this post.

I was directed to birthtofive.org.uk, a website by Lincolnshire County Council which has a wealth of resources and information. The focus is on early years child care services so might not be directly relevant to the youth work world, but they have posted on the site a number of templates for policies and procedures including Safeguarding Children, CRB checks and Social Networking among many others. Check out this page.

In updating our (quite comprehensive) safeguarding documents, I’ve found the site useful especially for its simple, clean policy templates. I was able to take the information in our documents, update them slightly and present them in a much easier-to-read format.

So if you need Staff Appraisal records, Managers Report Layouts, Codes of Conduct, etc. it’s a very helpful place to start!


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