A quick update

16 April 2012 — 3 Comments

Posts have been a little erratic on this site for a while, so my apologies for not being as consistent as usual. I generally try to post at least once a week, normally two or three times when I can, so the last month has been a pretty poor show!

There’s no single reason for this other than a need to focus on other things a bit more – particularly my wonderful family (including feeding asix month old). I’m also writing a couple of chapters for different youth work publications while holding down a full-time job and volunteering in different roles too. It’s all good, but blogging had to take a back seat for a while.

Feel free to prompt me every once in a while, but there should be some new posts coming soon!


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I am a qualified youth worker, writer and consultant based in Littlehampton, UK. I've worked in the voluntary youth sector for over 12 years, am married to Kirsty and we have two daughters named Hope and Eloise. Check out 'Journeying Together: Growing Youth Work and Youth Workers in Local Communities' and read my opening chapter.

3 responses to A quick update

  1. You can blog for the rest of your life but when the kids grow up those amazing times are gone!

    Have fun with the family

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