Santa’s Beard

3 December 2009 — 4 Comments

A silly, sticky Christmas-themed game!

Numbers: Up to around 10 at a time.
Suitable for: Ages 8 and upwards.
Preparation time: 5 minutes.
Venue: A large room or small hall.
Safety First: The game involves putting a sticky product on facial skin. Check with young people if they have any allergies or skin irritations before they take part.
Equipment needed:

  • A sticky spread like honey, jam or chocolate spread. Marshmallow spread can work well and fits with the theme!
  • Cotton wool balls

The game:
Get your leader or young person to sit at the front of the room and explain that they will have to cover their face with the spread you have provided. Check in advance that they have no allergy to the products. Half the fun of this game is the preparation, so make a big deal of them spreading it on their face!

When this is done, nominate a number of other young people to come forwards and give them a big pile of cotton wool balls. A smaller number like three is better as it doesn’t get too out of control. Explain that their task is to try to create the best santa-style beard by throwing the cotton balls and making them stick to the volunteer’s face! Allow a bit of space so that they don’t crowd the volunteer and so that and spectators can see (you might like to mark a line on the floor).

When you say “Go”, they can start throwing! The game ends when either the beard is complete or they run out of cotton balls.

Have two or more people at the front with teams competing to create the best beard in under a minute!

Image Credit: kevindooley on Flickr


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4 responses to Santa’s Beard

  1. Brilliant game! We used this with our youth and children's work last christmas, they absolutely loved it!!

  2. Thanks Rich!

    It is a good laugh!

  3. Brilliant game! We used this with our youth and children's work last christmas, they absolutely loved it!!

  4. Thanks Rich!

    It is a good laugh!

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