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1 April 2011 — 6 Comments


Dave Johnson and I have been working on drafting some guidance around use of social media and networking within our organisation. I finished off the policy yesterday, so thought I would share it here as I’ve had two separate conversations with people this week who were looking for advice on how best to implement social media in their settings.

Firstly, I need to say that this is not a comprehensive document. In writing it we had three main aims; to be clear and concise, to give guidance for staff using personal accounts, and to give guidance over use of ‘official’ church accounts.

You can download the Social Media Policy Template in pdf format. Free free to use it and adapt it for your own use, but link back to this page where possible.

Download: Social Media Policy Template

Much of the information in the template was drawn from two online resources; the ‘Post your policies’ thread on youthworkonline, and the Social Networking Policy on the Birthtofive website which was then adapted to fit our organisation. If you require further resources, then visit the website of the brilliant Katie Bacon, who specialises in digital youth outreach.

Does anyone else have policies for social media use they want to share?


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  1. Can you please remove the image from your website that you took without permission from my website. This is artwork I created to promote myself, not your blog or business.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Jon, Just wanted to say thank you for posting this policy. It’s almost impossible to find a good social media policy to use as the basis for work with young people and this is by far the best i have come across. Really appreciate it 🙂

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