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11 October 2010 — Leave a comment

Youth Alpha, the teen version of the popular Christian evangelistic course have been working hard! In addition to rewriting the Leaders Manual earlier this year, they’ve redone the website with loads of great resources and snazzy videos, and now they have launched TalkBuilder, an online tool to help young people (or anyone) run a Youth Alpha course. From the site:

Talkbuilder is a brand new, free online tool to help you build the perfect Youth Alpha talk for any context.Simply select the Alpha talk you want to give, choose from loads of video clips, jokes, games and quotes to illustrate your point, and then click to print.

It works in much the same way as the LightLive and Urban Saints online curriculums I mentioned before, in that you login, select your session, and edit the content to make it relevant to your setting.

This “choose your own” modular approach to group sessions seems to be catching on in a big way.

Watch the explanation below then go check out the TalkBuilder.

TalkBuilder – Intro from Holy Trinity Brompton on Vimeo.


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