Youth Work and Policy Conference

7 February 2012 — 4 Comments

Youth & Policy are running a conference in March to explore current youth policy and consider its implications for the youth work field. In the similar vein of previous conferences, it’s titled “Thinking Seriously About Youth Work and Policy”.

‘Policy’ is not a word that excites the average youth worker, yet understanding what is going on around us and how these changes affect youth work practice is important. This conference aims to bring together political, academic, managerial and practice perspectives for open dialogue about policy affecting young people and youth work. There’s a lot to talk about:

Over recent months, many events have taken place with subsequent policy implications for youth work organisation and practice. Following the implementation of Coalition spending cuts, the Select Committee on Services for Young People, and the riots of summer 2011, a conference to reflect on these events and their consequences in early 2012 is timely and useful. We hope that the conference will present a challenge to practitioners, managers and academics to consider the new landscape, and how policy and practice might be better shaped in the light of evidence and experience.

Paul Oginsky, influencer of the Conservative party’s youth policy and architect of the National Citizen Service will be attending the day and doing a Q&A session about the rationale of current and imminent youth policy. Tony Taylor has already made a few suggestions about what to quiz him on! You can read some more here!

Other highlights on the day will include a reflection on the Select Committee by Ian Maerns (MP), a youth work panel session to be led by Bernard Davies, and workshops on the NCS, teenage pregnancy, the PREVENT agenda, and the role of faith-based and voluntary organisations in the Big Society.

I’m planning to try and get along, so maybe I’ll see you there!

Booking forms can be requested by contacting or visit the website


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